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Relativity : A text book tutorial on the modern physics of Albert Einstein's theories of special relativity and general relativity.

ã 2005 By David Waite


Unit I

Special Relativity

Chapter 1 Starting Special Relativity

1.1 - Lorentz Transformation

1.2 - Relative Space and Time

1.3 - Paradoxes

Chapter 2 Representing Special Relativity

2.1 - Minkowski Spacetime Diagrams

2.2 - Tensors in Special Relativity

Chapter 3 Special Relativity Dynamic Implications

3.1 - Mass, Energy and the Universe's Speed Limit

3.2 - The Special Relativity Dynamical Equations

3.3 - Rotations, Rockets, and Frequency Shifts

Unit II

Foundations For General Relativity

Chapter 4 Starting General Relativity

4.1 - The Conceptual Premises For General Relativity

4.2 - Tensors

4.3 - The Metric and Invariants of General Relativity

4.4 - Christoffel Symbols

Chapter 5 General Relativity Dynamic Implications

5.1 - Four-Vector Momentum

5.2 - Geodesic Equation and Nongeodesic Motion

5.3 - Acceleration

5.4 - More About Motion

5.5 - Conserved Parameters of Geodesic Motion

Chapter 6 Gravitation

6.1 - Curvature, Parallel transport, and the Riemann tensor

6.2 - Mach, Gravitational Forces, and Tidal Gradients

6.3 - Stress Energy of Matter and Einstein's Field Equations

Unit III

Using General Relativity

Chapter 7 Electromagnetism

7.1 - Exact Gravitation of Extremely Charged Matter and the Electric Field

7.2 - Maxwell's Equations

7.3 - Larmor Radiation and the Abraham-Lorentz Formulae

Chapter 8 The Big Bang

8.1 - Gaussian Curvature and the Friedmann-Lematre-Robertson-Walker Interval

8.2 - Hubble's Constant

8.3 - From the Big Bang to Dark Energy Era

Chapter 9 Linearized Weak Field Gravitation

9.1 - Gravity Waves

9.2 - GEM (Gravitoelectromagnetism)

9.3 - Isotropic Static Weak Field Solution and Exact Solutions

Unit IV

Black Holes

Chapter 10 The Schwarzschild Black Hole

10.1 - The Schwarzschild Solution

10.2 - Hovering over a Schwarzschild Black Hole

10.3 - Exact Spacetime Inside Static Spherically Symmetric Matter

10.4 - Behavior of Light in a Schwarzschild Spacetime

Chapter 11 Charged and Rotating Black Holes and Their Thermodynamics

11.1 - The Kerr-Newman Solution

11.2 - Hawking Radiation

11.3 - Classically Radiative Black Holes and Modeling Gravitational Collapse

Unit V

Fringe Physics in GR

Chapter 12 The New Frontiers

12.1 - Metric Engineering

12.2 - Wormholes

12.3 - Time Travel

12.4 - Gravitational Field Propulsion

12.5 - Relativistic Unification Theories

Chapter 13 Warp Drive

13.1 - Using GR to Change the Remote Coordinate Speed of Light c'

13.2 - Alcubierre-Broeck Warp Drives

13.3 - Another Warp Drive

Chapter 14 Other Faster Than c Methods

14.1 - The Krasnikov Tube

14.2 - Faster than c that does occur naturally

Appendix A: Newtonian-Relativistic Comparisons 

Appendix B: Planck - SI Unit Conversion 


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